Woburn Public Media Center

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The Woburn Public Media Center offers classes on Basic Digital Camcorder operation and Non-linear Editing.  The classes are fun and for the dedicated individual will be very rewarding.  Call us at (781) 937-8210 X200 to set up an appointment.  Classes are kept small for a more one-on-one experience, however, if you have a group of four or more we can accomodate that as well.  Camcorder operation class is first and then you can move on to digital editing in one of our Avid editing suites.  

Learn how to use one of our Pro-sumer Canon GL-series 3-chip digital camcorders so you can get the best footage possible as you become more confident and comfortable.  The class consists of two 2-hour sessions and basic concepts and principles of technical operation and artistic composition will be covered.  You will be shooting like a pro in no time!  When we feel you are ready, you will be able to borrow a camera for a day or two to shoot your own footage or project.  

After you complete the camcorder class, you will be able to import your footage into one of our Avid Media Composer editing suites.  These state-of-the art digital computer workstations are set up to handle many hours of raw footage and you will be able to piece together a cohesive program with the footage you have aquired.  Adding trasitions, titles, photos, music and special effects will help make your production a professional and polished final product.  The entire process can be completed sooner than you think when you get the proper training!

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