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Reasons to become a WPMC sponsor:

WPMC reaches some 11,000 cable subscribers in Woburn!

WPMC is a community-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization!

WPMC provides the only all-Woburn cable television coverage!

WPMC offers members training and resources on professional television equipment!

WPMC memberships are kept at a minimal cost so that all residents may take advantage of our wonderful training opportunities and state-of-the-art equipment!

WPMC offers non-profit organizations or groups to get their messages out to the community by use of our message board!

Your sponsorship may be tax-deductible!

Please click on sponsorship form, fill out form and send form an check made out to WPMC to Woburn Public Media Center, 88 Montvale Avenue, Woburn, MA  01801.

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